Under the historic vaults that enrich our tasting room or in the shade of ancient trees of the garden of Tenuta Torre a Cenaia, our guests are introduced to the world of aromas and sensations that only a glass of wine can offer.

Visual examination in tasting a wine tells what to look in it, tells the story of the wine, the way in which it was produced and also how has been preserved and its evolution. Through the olfactory sensations you recognize endless sensations in terms of quality and quantity, and it ranges in the inexhaustible world of smells and aromas, and finally with the taste can be fully appreciate the quality. All these are small steps that our guests are invited to pace to appreciate the delicious nectar that are produce in the cellar of Tenuta Torre a Cenaia. To define a complete wine tasting, however, is necessary the enhancement of a wine by serving it in conjunction with the food more appropriate.

So at Torre a Cenaia each glass is always accompanied by the essence of Tuscan cuisine, thanks to the combination with our line of products Pitti Gastronomy. All products with a history and a strong bond with their homeland, carefully selected to enclose the true taste of our region

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