Torre a Cenaia Estate occupies about 500 seamless hectares and, since its origin, it has never been crossed by public roads.
Thanks to this particular territorial structure, today it’s an important wildlife reserve skilled in hares breeding. Our hares, that are used for restocking the provinces of Pisa and Florence, are recognized as a DOP: they have reached such a level of territorial integration that, while being transferred beyond the borders of the province, they show an unusual degree of adaptation with mortality rates close to zero.

The four lakes of the Estate are a destination for many species of aquatic birds, both native and migratory. From April to November you can observe many species of migratory birds that find in these waters an ideal habitat for their stay and to reproduce themselves. Here Egrets, Knights of Italy and Gray heron make their nest.

Torre a Cenaia Estate can be considered a prototype of the new rural areas, where agriculture combines cutting edge technology with the aim to safeguard environment and landscape. Safeguard is also obtained by converting vineyards to biological management and by the cultivation of 17 hectares of certified organic vegetables.

The ancient respect for nature, handed down by the noble family of the Pitti, has been wisely inherited by Terzi-Coppini family, so that the ecological heritage of this green heart of Tuscany still remains untouched. In particular, the careful recycling of all waste materials, also aimed at the production of green energy, helps reducing the environmental impact of various activities of the Estate. By this way Torre a Cenaia can preserve all its environmental features and landscapes, and it constitutes a sort of natural oasis, a bulwark in defense of biodiversity.

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