Pitti Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Cold Extracted.


What does Extra Virgin Oil mean?

In other words, what is the difference between simple olive oil and extra virgin olive oil? Both are extracted from the first pressing of the olives and the “virgin” attribute indicates that the olive extraction process is carried out completely with mechanical methods, without the use of solvents. It also means that the product did not result from mixing with different types of oils.

To be extra virgin olive oil must then maintain a specific standard of organoleptic quality and a precise percentage of acidity.

For extra virgin olive oil the limit is set at 0.8 grams per 100 grams, ie the acidity must be less than 0.8%.

How is cold extracted?

To extract oil from olives there are two methods, hot and cold. The first has the objective of extracting a greater quantity of product from the raw material, using heat points. In this way the oil is altered and loses its quality.

Cold extraction instead ensures that the oil retains the fruity and pungent taste, typical of a quality product.

These procedures are regulated by a normative definition established by EC Reg. 1019/2002, which establishes that an extra virgin olive oil must be obtained with a cold extraction method, at a temperature lower than 27 degrees centigrade, through a percolation process and centrifugation of olive paste.

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