Grappa Robert Pitti

12 months aged

The Robert Pitti Grappa is the result of the distillation of our best grapes.
Twelve months aging in oak barrels gives to this grappa, really intense perfumes with pleasing hints of vanilla and toasted oak.
The delicate and slightly fruity taste envelops the palate with its smoothness.

Distillation method: Distilled in steam flow with continuous alambic

Ageing: In oak barrels for 12 months

Alcohol: 45% vol

Visual appearance: Intense straw yellow color perfectly transparent

Olfactory sensation: Great harmony, the elegance of floral and fruity aromas are surrounded by delicate hints of vanilla and wood

Taste sensation: Great balance of flavors

After olfactory sensation: Bouquet in perfect harmony with the olfactory sensations felt

Service temperature: 17 °C

Size: 700 ml