J63 Agricultural Brewery

Agricultural Brewery

J63 Agricultural Brewery is set in an ancient farmhouse in our Estate.

J63 Beer is brewed with barley grown in the fields of Torre a Cenaia Estate. The barley we use is collected from our fields and then it’s sent to the malt-house of COBI to obtain malt. COBI is the Italian Consortium of Producers of Beer and Barley and Torre a Cenaia is a member of it. For this reason, J63 Beers are defined Agricultural and they are identified by the BIRRAGRICOLA Certificate.

The name and the project of J63 are deeply connected to the history of the territory in which the Brewery is located.

J is for Julia, the girl martyr, then patron saint of Livorno, whose holy relics were stolen from Corsica and conducted in Brescia. Along their path, in 763 AD they stopped in the ancient village of Torre a Cenaia following the Via Francigena. In the centuries this journey was retraced by thousands of pilgrims and travelers, which refreshed themselves with a hot meal and, beacusae they couldn’t drink water, with a mug of craft beer.

63 is a recurring number in the history of Torre a Cenaia: in addition to being the house number of the Brewery, in 763 AD Julia transited through the ancient Cenaja and in 1463 Luca Pitti, ancestor of the Counts of Pitti of Cenaja, was appointed Captain of the People in Florence and he acquired in his family crest the Red Cross that today distinguishes the products of our brand.

J63 Agricultural Brewery is both a brew-pub and a restaurant-pizzeria, where you can eat near the area reserved for beer production. The kitchen, equipped with a wood-fired oven of last generation, uses ingredients that are produced into the Estate or carefully selected from the surrounding area. In particular, the use of sourdough and the natural leavening allow to obtain baked products of high quality, genuine and perfectly digestible.
Two large rooms reserved for catering and a huge free park outside help us making various events throughout the year, as well as live music concerts.

J63 Agricultural Brewery