Robert Pitti

The last descendant of the Pitti, the famous Florentine family who built Palazzo Pitti in Florence, was born in Torre a Cenaia. His name instantly evokes Made in Tuscany style and elegance: along with the values handed down through the history of his family, the inimitable characteristics of Pitti Lifestyle are embodied today in the philosophy and in the products of our Estate. Tuscan and international lifestyle at the same time, as the life story of the Count. On the threshold of the Twentieth century, our Estate belonged to the Countess Pauline De Bearn, daughter of the Counts Valery of Corsica, which administered our lands together with her husband Charles Pitti Ferrandi: from their marriage Robert Pitti was born in 1923.
His DNA is a mix of history and culture. Among its ancestors there are the Tourville, the Laroche Foucault, the Polignac, the D’ Albert, even the physicists De Broglie and the infamous Gaston de Foix. Nephew of the Earl of Biscaretti Ruffia, one of the founders of FIAT, and of the war hero Hector de Bearn, the Count has always felt first of all Italian, proud to be a Pitti.








Strong of a family tree that has nothing to envy to the best-known European nobility, Robert Pitti has undertaken since his youth a brilliant diplomatic career, then he spent twenty years as assistant and friend, advisor and confidant of Edmond Rothschild, one of the most important members of the famous dynasty of bankers in Frankfurt.
But it is in the world of international finance that the Count has reached the highest levels, when he became a member of the organizing committee of the Bilderberg meetings. There he was able to gain the confidence of financiers, industrialists and politicians such as David Rockefeller, Lord Home, Alexander Haig, Giovanni Agnelli, Marcus Wallenberg, Henry Heinz, Walter Johnson, the daughter of Churchill, the Queen of Holland, Golda Meir, Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Giscard d’Estaing, Mitterrand and Reagan.
These high acquaintancest and the numerous trips all around the world did not prevent him to remain firmly anchored to its roots and to the places most dear to him, first of all Torre a Cenaia Estate. For this reason, he has agreed to bequeath the name and the family crest together with the denomination “Cenaja Ancient property of the Pitti”: “For sentimental reasons,” he said in an interview with the magazine Gentleman, “because I have spent my childhood and adolescence, bringing back many happy memories when, with much regret, we moved in France after selling the estate”. The link between the excellent wines produced in Cenaia and his name has made him particularly proud: in fact it’s for this reason that a count Pitti has earned a respectable place among the many barons and marquis of the Tuscan wine aristocracy, he said.
And, despite the damnatio memoriae made by the Medici to the detriment of his ancestors, the Count has retained the pride typical of the Pitti, who still lives in the place names and in the architecture of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence. In Piazza Pitti, in front of the famous palace, the family crest has withstood the centuries: “I am pleased that, among so many Medici balls, on the corner wedges the coat of arms of the Pitti withstands very solid”.

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