Organic Tuscan Vermentino

Cenaja Vermentino 2017 Grand Cru

The history of Vermentino is the story of a long sea voyage.
Nobody knows exactly where and when this vine was born. Spain, Portugal, Southern France, Corsica, Sardinia or Liguria: it is evident that its cradle is the western Mediterranean.
The Vermentino prefers a windy, dry, warm and sunny climate. It avoids the cold, which can seriously compromise its vegetative development. The ideal terrain is rich in minerals and rocky sediments. It is found both on hilly and flat terrain, characterized by a draining substrate and a ventilated climate; the main  factor that determines a good cultivation is usually the proximity to the sea.

The color seems to come from the light of the Mediterranean: the glass just filled gives a straw yellow nuance, with  intense light green reflections.
The scent is penetrating like that of the bush in the spring after a rain: floral and fruity notes that make think of wild flowers, broom, yellow peach and melon, citrus and, letting it breathe longer, to aromatic herbs such as rosemary, sage, elicriso.
On the palate it shows a rich and very balanced taste, supported by a good acidity that makes it extremely drinkable. The mouthfeel is round and soft, the taste is dry with delicate mineral notes, often enhanced by a bitter aftertaste on the finish, which immediately prepares the mouth to a new sip, to a new bite.
The suggested serving temperature, in order not to lose its expressive richness, is on average between 8 and 10 ° C.

From fresh cheeses to delicately flavored cold cuts, from risottos to omelettes, to mushroom and white meat dishes. It is also the ideal companion of truffles and its variations, especially if it is a Tuscan version of a more intense structure.
But it finds its apotheosis with dishes of crustaceans, in particular lobster, raw fish, bottarga, seafood and octopus, risotto with fish and cuttlefish ink, grilled fish. Just remember that the Vermentino is a vine  coming from the sea.

Cenaja Vermentino Grand Cru

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